Equality and Diversity

Southport College is committed to valuing diversity and to promoting and implementing equality of opportunity in all its activities and services it provides.

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Equality and Diversity

Access For All Embraces The College's Commitment To Equality And Diversity.

Our Commitments:

  • The active pursuit of an equal opportunities policy
  • Everyone in College treated with respect and dignity
  • An environment in which a diversity of backgrounds and experiences is valued
  • Fair and equal treatment for all College stakeholders, including potential students and staff
  • A positive working and learning environment
  • Zero discrimination, harassment or victimisation
  • Fair treatment for anyone with a disability or learning difficulty.

We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that our commitments are realised. If you wish to discuss any aspect of our Access for All commitments, please contact your progress tutor (if you are a student), or your line manager (if you are a member of staff).

We are committed to equality of access for all and to provide information, confidential consultation and assistance to enable access to all college facilities.

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