Finn O'Connor

Finn O'Connor

I went to Christ the King and I play a lot of video games, which seems inherently obvious given the course I’m on. I also like to play the guitar whenever I’m not playing games or working. In the future I want to join the Royal Army after University, as it’s been my goal since the middle of high school.

The Tower

About my game

My final product is a combat platformer inspired by Katana Zero, I used construct 3 for the actual game, and Piskel for almost all of the graphics. I spent hours making the graphics alone, giving every frame a check to make sure it was of a high quality.

The game is based around a character who has lightning fast reflexes, to the point where he’s better off using a sword than a gun, that way he can deflect bullets as well as kill. A lot of time was spent working on the actual game itself, but a lot more was spent making sure that the graphics are up to a good standard.