Spark Radio

Southport Student Sound

We are delighted to offer students a fantastic opportunity with our real-life radio station!

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

Spark Radio is our live college radio station, broadcasting music, podcasts and radio shows online, all around the world! Students can join our presenter Andy Hilbert in the Spark Radio Studio to learn all about the world behind the speaker.

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How will participating benefit you?

Radio is a valuable and integral part of the UK creative economy with a reach across all parts of the world. The BBC invests around £500m per year on radio content and commercial radio's annual revenues are in excess of £703m.

With radio standing strong as powerful form of media we are proud to offer students a valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes production involved. They can get involved in many ways such as learning all about the equipment and broadcasting software and putting this technology to use. We give students a voice to be heard, encouraging them get involved the creative side by recording and broadcasting stories, news reports, podcasts, music and more.

This fantastic media experience can be added to personal statements and CVs demonstrating your passion and commitment to working in the media and technology industries.