Following our merger; Southport College and KGV College now have one Governing Body, whilst still maintaining separate brand identities and student populations.

The Corporation has made some changes to its Instruments and Articles of Government and Standing Orders to ensure that robust governance is maintained throughout the Pandemic. These changes include a reduction in the numbers of Governors required to attend meetings to make it quorate, provision for more frequent use of Written Resolutions and Chairs Action for urgent decisions and to enable Committees to operate flexibly within their terms of reference and cycles of business to respond as necessary during the Pandemic.

The changes have been added as an Addendum to both the Instruments and Articles of Government and to the Standing Orders which are published on the College website.

Policies & Information

Kathy Passant
Kathy Passant

Chair of the Corporation

Kathy has been an Ofsted Inspector since 2003 leading on Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management and Study Programmes. She has over 30 years’ experience working in further education as a lecturer and counsellor. As a senior manager she was responsible for sixth form studies, adult education and student support services. This culminated with 5 years as a Principal of an outstanding college until 2013. She has had many voluntary roles within the education sector and is currently a member of Endeavour Learning Trust.
Kathy was a Board member of KGV Sixth Form College from 2015, prior to the merger with Southport College in February 2018. Since merger she has been Chair of Standards Committee, Chair of the Remuneration Committee and Vice Chair of the Corporation from January 2019 – December 2020. Kathy was appointed Chair of the Corporation in January 2021.

Michelle Brabner
Michelle Brabner


Michelle is Principal and Chief Executive of Southport College and KGV Sixth Form College, a position she took up in March 2020. Preceding this Michelle was the Deputy Principal at Runshaw College from January 2015 and Assistant Principal at Ashton Sixth Form College prior to that, with earlier curriculum leadership roles at Bury College and Bolton Sixth Form College.

Before qualifying as a teacher in further education, Michelle’s career began in Liverpool working in medical research at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Michelle holds a Masters degree in Zoology (through research) from Leicester University and a BSc in Biological Sciences from Plymouth University. Michelle also supports the work of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, acting as an Ofsted Inspector.

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Southport College and King George V College officially merged on 31 January 2018.