Student Governors

Our Student governors play an crucial role in the development of the College, bringing their invaluable experience as day to day "customers" of the college to help drive it forwards and meet its strategic objectives. They are recruited annually following a formal application and interview process and sit on the board for a 1 year term.

Heather Austin
Heather Austin

Further Education Student Governor

Former Range High School pupil Heather joined KGV Sixth Form College in September 2021 to study English language, English literature and Modern History.

She is very keen to make the most of her time at sixth form and encourage others to do so as well. Joining the governing body in November 2021, she is very excited to help shape the future of the colleges and is thankful for the opportunity.


Higher Education Student Governor

An election for a HE governor will soon take place. If you want any more information about this exciting opportunity to be a part of the Governing Board, please contact Lisa Farnhill:

Become a Governor

At Southport College we have an active board of governors who play an important role in the ongoing development of the College. Governors are from the local and wider community with a range of skills, knowledge and experience to help the College take forward its strategic objectives. We value and promote equality and diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity for all and, when a vacancy arises, appointments are made on merit, also taking account of the need to fill any identified skills gaps. Any person wishing to become a Governor should write to Lisa Farnhill, Clerk to the Corporation for further information and an application pack:

Lisa Farnhill
Clerk to the Corporation
Southport College
Mornington Road

Meet our Governors


The College’s Governors are led by Chair of the Corporation Christine Bampton, Vice Chair Paul Walker and Principal Michelle Brabner. They are supported by a number of independent governors, staff governors and a parent governor.

Independent Governors

The individuals who serve as independents on the board of governors are from a diverse range of backgrounds and use their skills and experiences to play a vital role in the development of the College.

Staff Governors

Our staff governors use their knowledge of the College, its staff and students to make valuable contributions to College governance and strategy.