Alex Blacoe

Alex Blacoe

I’ve always loved being creative and throughout my time at Presfield High School I really enjoyed my GCSE art lessons, this is why I wanted to progress onto Level 2 Art & Design this year. I originally came to Southport College to study Level 1 Retail and loved the college atmosphere, tutors and friends I made so wanted to progress within the college. In my spare time I enjoy painting and watching comedies.

Everyday Object - My Art Materials

About My Project

"For my project I have used all my art materials as a source of inspiration and primary imagery, I use these on a daily basis to be creative and rely on them to build my creative skills so I thought they’d be a great example of ‘everyday objects’. I have experimented and developed my ideas, skills and outcomes over the course of the project and settled on a series of repeat patterns and a large scale acrylic painting as final pieces.

The series of repeat patterns have been created using a traditional method of cutting paper into four to create a repeat pattern, I then used the light-box to duplicate this to create an a3 sized outcome. I repeated this method four times drawing different art materials to make each repeat pattern individual. I used my favourite media, acrylic paint to add detail and colour to each of the repeat patterns.

Using large rolls of paper I began to outline and sketch my everyday objects on a large scale, I decided to draw the items that I used the most during my Art & Design lessons such as pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, glue and paintbrushes. Once the outline was complete I added the bright, eye-catching yellow as a background and proceeded to use my acrylic paints to add detail and colour to the individual everyday objects."

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