Briony Birchall

Briony Birchall

I went to Bishop Rawstorne C of E Academy in Croston. I chose to attend the Art and Design Level 3 course at Southport college as my grandma taught here and the college has a good reputation. I think the best thing about college is the support from the teachers. After completing this course, I want to work for a year and then return to do a Beauty course at the college. My interests outside college are meeting friends and family and working on different ideas for make-up.


About My Project

"For my final piece I created a series of seven screen prints. The prints are all the same image but with different elements to each one.

One of the images represent how I feel at this current time and situations I find myself in. The face in the middle is supposed to be me and I am surrounded by lots of question marks. The middle print has with its red colour symbolising stress and the feelings and emotions I have when under pressure. The bottom left print has completely grey eyes which represents how I feel oblivious to everything and act as an observer of life, watching everything happen.

The top left print has fluorescent yellow eyes and other the smaller question marks also yellow. The yellow represents me trying to be positive and happy even in traumatic and emotional times such as this. Although I put on a positive face, there is still a darker side. The bottom right print represents trying to not focus on the negative things, so I have created outlines of the eyes and facial features with a baby pink colour. This reminds me of the phrase ‘looking at the world through rose coloured glasses”.

Finally, the two on the sides are the same print but with different colours. They both have question marks outlined in dark grey and light grey but in different patterns and placements this is to emphasise my queries about me and my life and why I feel like this. I added a black border to all the prints so when I photographed it would stand out against a white background."

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