Bruna Silva

Bruna Silva

In my spare time I like reading, drawing and writing. I went to Tarleton Academy. I chose to study at Southport College because it was closest to where I live. I hope to study illustration after college.

Zodiac Tarot

About My Project

"My work is about tarot and astrology. I was inspired by tarot readings I would see on TikTok and I always had an interest in astrology and the zodiac signs. I find the concept intriguing.

I used my iPad to create my illustrations as it is the programme with which I am most familiar. I find it easier to use than photoshop. My way of drawing in procreate involves using the sketch as line art instead of redrawing with very clean lines as I prefer it to have a looser style. I usually start by making a very simple outline of what I want and then properly sketching it.

Depending on how the outline looks sometimes I keep it in my final outcome. I always colour the same way by blocking the colours in and using a clipping mask for shading and highlights. I like making the characters I draw very “glossy” looking so I add a lot of highlights in my work. I spend most of my drawing time on the face as I want it to be the focal point in my work, sometimes I spend extra time on the outfit if I want it to stand out more."

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