Charlie Marshall

Charlie Marshall

I love the facilities in the art department at Southport College, especially the industrial print room. I have always felt encourage in my creative practice and comfortable in the classrooms over my four years here.
Next year I will be studying Fine Art at Salford University. I am really looking forward to exploring my practice further and engaging with the creative community.


About My Project

"For my final piece was inspired a lot by the experimental work I did early on in the project where I did a series of self-portrait drawings in a variety of scales on plastic using my collection posca pens.

For my final outcome I used a series of perspex sheets to draw and comment of specific feature I have feel insecure about. I changed between either not drawing them or accentuating my features to distort the image. The idea was to distort and hide my real image through surrealist portraiture. I decided to use neon colours because I wanted something in your face but also I find neon colours are used mostly in a surreal way. I then created the black outline over each surreal self-portrait to grab every detail of my surreal face.

The piece behind the surreal self-images is a larger scale self-portrait piece which I decided to do in a thick white line to create a simple but a dramatic effect behind the bright and powerful colours but yet still stands out. The whole message behind it all is me hiding behind something I’m not and hiding behind my insecurities which I’ve drawn in different shapes and sizes for a dramatic surreal look."

Check out Charlie's Instagram: @ummitsartsy

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