Ellen Corfield

Ellen Corfield

I was studying psychology at another college for a while but wanted to try something new so I decided to apply for this course. I love the freedom I receive in this college as it genuinely allows me to grow as an artist. I’d like to start an art business and sell my work.

A multiple lino print piece on “URBAN LIFE” within the set theme of (Data).

About My Project

My project is based on Urban Life and I have explored the seamier side of urban culture giving my artwork a darker twist. My final pieces incorporate an urban, edgy style as I have recently become passionate about photography, in an urban landscape. I feel as though the city scene has layers of emotion and that all of humanity can relate to. The photographer Chikashi Suzuki is a huge inspiration with his monochromatic style of photography. I have recorded this side of urban life with my own photography, making detailed drawings and lino prints from these primary sources.

My final pieces are lino prints capturing line work and texture in vivid detail and presented as a collaged composition with a clever 3D effect produced using a layering technique, I experimented with the colour palette I wanted to use in my printmaking. I explored the idea of using a lighter colour first and then printing over it with a dark colour to give off a 3D effect.

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