Emily Barker

Emily Barker

I enjoy doing art and listening to music and I love to go to the cinema all the time with my friends or family. I went to Stanley High School and I chose to study at Southport College because it’s closest to my home and because it had the course I wanted to do. I like the workspace that you get in college and I think the teachers have been really kind and helpful throughout the year. After college I hope to get an Apprenticeship in a tattoo shop and one day become a tattoo artist. 


About My Project

"My final piece was inspired by films and how much I love to go watch and experience new films in the cinema. For my final piece I used a combination of tickets that I have collected since the start of 2018 to form a base for my paintings. The characters and vibrant colours from some of the movies inspired colour palette for my mini paintings.  I used watercolour markers as well as a watercolour palette. I sketched out thumbnails for each of my unique paintings in my sketchbook before drawing and painting the final outcomes on each ticket. 

Movies are a really big part of my identity and they help me escape from reality into the fantasy worlds in the movies and the atmosphere in the cinema while watching a new film feels surreal. I have so many favourite genres but some of my favourite definitely include action and superhero films such as the avengers as well as classic rom coms such as pretty woman or bride wars and any Disney film ever made, the first film I ever went to watch in the cinema was Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’."

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