Ilona Matthews

Ilona Matthews

During my time in college I studied level 4 Art and Design. I learned lots of print methods, bettered my line making and my overall skill and style in art. I particularly enjoyed learning the various print methods and trying them out. Next year I will be studying Architecture at University of Nottingham.

Everyday Object - My Art Materials

Life of Tarot

"My final project is a homage to the history of tarot and tarot readings, I wanted to use imagery of some of the most important tarot decks. I used lots of printing making techniques, dry point and lino to create my pieces, based on the Ettellia and Visconti tarot decks. I also used sewing and fabric painting to create my forefront pieces.

To incorporate the style of the tarot de Marseilles and Piedmont deck I used only green, blue, red and yellow, which is the colours used in these traditional decks. It helped to tie my work together with this linked colour scheme. To present my pieces, I wanted to use my lino print as the main part of the background, with the dry point pieces scattered around them. Then I hung my fabric pieces with blue wool, positioned so that the lino could still be seen from the back. The lino and dry point are based off a 15th century deck and a 18th century deck, by putting this is the background was meant to imply that the fabric pieces in front, in rider Waite smith style, came from the original ones in the back."