Jess Hulm

Jess Hulm

In my spare time I enjoy photography. I went to Stanley High School, while being there I gained an interest in art, which then influenced my decision to study Fine Art in Southport College. I like the resources in Southport College and afterwards I plan on going to University.


About My Project

"My final pieces are a series of three acrylic painted canvases, each one of the sky.

I wanted to incorporate my love for photography and nature to create a series of paintings for the project. For each canvas I choose different colours to evoke different moods within the landscape. 1) Purple and blue, 2) blue and black, 3) blue and green. On the bottom of each painting I added a black mountain skyline with the addition of white stars in the background; I added the mountain skyline because I like to be in the countryside.

I used acrylic paints due to it being my favourite media to work with, I like how the colours blend well, and it was the best outcome I got from experimenting with different medias."

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