Josh Rowlands

Josh Rowlands

I recently moved back to Southport after living in Mallorca for most of my life. I chose Southport College because my sister was already doing a course here and it’s close to where I live. I decided to do Art and Design because I have always enjoyed being creative and wanted an opportunity to explore that more. I have enjoyed this year on Level 2 Art and Design, especially the final project because you get the creative freedom to make anything you want. Next year I am progressing to Level 3 Graphics or Level 3 Art and Design.

Art & Identity - 'Androgyny'- Fashion Illustrations

About My Project

"I chose 'Androgyny' as a theme for my fashion illustration, focusing on menswear for my final pieces. I decided early in the project that I did not want to draw traditional style menswear because I find it quiet repetitive and uninspiring. I started looking at designers like Antonio Lopez and Alejandro Palomo who inspired me to pursue a more androgynous look with their lively and vibrant fashion illustrations.

I started the project with a range of different ideas for my final piece, exploring different media and processes such as printmaking, collage and drawing. As I moved forward in the project, I started experimenting with screen printing and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to make a collection of screen prints for my final outcomes."