Katie Halsall

Katie Halsall


About My Project

My final project was inspired by the human psyche. I have both academic and personal interest in topics such as Freudian psychology and mental health, so I thought this focus would be a good way to expand on my knowledge and present it in a creative way.

Throughout the project I used materials and practices familiar to me – such as ink monoprinting acrylic painting – in addition to media and methods that were either new to me or had only briefly been explored, like oil painting and heat pressing. I discovered new styles that I enjoy and new media that I want to continue to use and develop with, so overall I feel positive about this project.

Despite creative and mental blocks as the project developed, I’m happy I managed to compromise and work around issues that arose. I am pleased with my final piece as, although it didn’t turn out as originally intended, I’m confident that the work reflects my abilities and I can only strive to progress from there.

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