Nathaniel Ball

Nathaniel Ball

I’m Nathaniel, and I chose to study at Southport college to help build a portfolio and see if studying art full time is something that I was happy with. I really like how there’s always a tutor to help when I have a problem with my work, and I’m going on to study Illustration at MMU.


About My Project

"My final series was inspired by the abandoned places and spaces that seem to litter the area and the way that whilst we might be done with them, nature seems to claim them back.

I initially explored this through digital photography but then as I began making marks from my work I discovered that I preferred using the base images themselves in prints using transfer paper and image maker. As I developed these prints I wanted to start converting them into a more tactile medium that I could begin to manipulate on the sewing machine, going back to adding marks but this time using embroidery. I then decided to break up the photos by creating some screen designs that I could layer up over the images to add some contrasting elements.

After a lot of sampling I came to the conclusion the final series would be a mixed media piece with multiple layers of printing and embroidery to add depth and complexity to the initial images that I had taken. I decided that photographing this series in an abandoned greenhouse would work really well because the distressed pieces looked like they themselves had been abandoned there, left to waste away over time giving the series a more authentic look as opposed to a stark white background."

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