Nathaniel Grady

Nathaniel Grady

I chose to come to continue my education at Southport College as when I visited on an open evening I fell in love with energy and creative freedom that students were given and also the variety of amazing workshops and spaces students had access too. This year on Level 2 Art & Design I have had the chance to explore some of my own creative interests and passions relating to fine art, it has also allowed me to explore the contextual element of fine art and exploring other artists work. I am now looking forward to progressing onto Level 3 Art & Design as it will only allow me to develop my skills and knowledge further.

Art & Identity - Identity of women through mythology

About My Project

"My art work is about visualising Greek Mythology with a strong emphasis on the female perspective. I have used the Greek poem ""The Iliad"" as my narrative and main focal point throughout my project. I have reinterpreted the poem in my own words. I decided to create a hand-made concertina book and have filled the pages with a series of drawings, painting, handmade prints and my re-interpreted poetry. I have skilfully re-written the words.

I was inspired , explored and experimented with drawing from found imagery and collected books on Greek Mythology, as well as some primary sources. I also created more images by exploring printmaking in the print room with polystyrene, lino mono-printing and transfer heat press printing on different papers. I painted with acrylics and inks, using traditional paintbrushes and techniques. I have used a contemporary style with bold colour, pattern and detail, but re-creating an ancient look. I like the way I made the folded book with thin card and the narrow length of it. I have visualised the narrative in my book which I have created quite small-scale."

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