Shelby Ankers

Shelby Ankers

I’m Shelby Ankers and I’ve been studying art and design at Southport college. I chose Southport because of the amazing facilities and studio spaces. And the tutors are really helpful and have pushed me to work at a higher standard. I plan to pursue art in the future and to keep working creatively.

The Salmesbury Witches

About My Project

"I have created a series of lino prints and a 3D model that each tells a part of the story of the Samlesbury witch trials.

The theme of witches has been a big inspiration for my work because I have found the history of witches in Lancashire really fascinating.

For the lino prints I have shown the three different crimes that the witches where accused of at the time.

I experimented with the different inks and I also created some colour gradients.

My 3D model represents the good spirit that saved the girl targeted by the witches.

The model is made from a body of wire and air dry clay, then painted with acrylics and wearing a fabric ‘white sheet’ with a wire hem for poses, an elastic collar and arm holes.

Together my pieces explain a bigger narrative of the Samlesbury witches and the bizarre accusations thrown their way."