Alexander Watson

Alexander Watson

Having an intent interest in videogames and their development, I decided to go onto this course to further my knowledge in their creation and design. Over this year I have built many mechanic-focused games, such as ‘4’. Which, as the title suggests, is about only having four moves to complete each stage.

Dual Beat

About my game

Dual Beat is a rhythm game for mobile and desktop, programmed using Construct 3’s visual programming system. The game is focused around two 4-directional pads with circular notes that shrink into each of the cardinal directions. Once this occurs, the player just needs to tap on the correct location; or if they are on a computer, press the relevant key: this act will give the player points and negate any loss of life.

Scoring is separated into brackets depending on the timing with which a note is hit, ranging from “bad” to “Perfect”; a rank is also given upon completing a track, with the highest rank being “S”. Self-Improvement and repetition are at the core of this game’s gameplay loop, try, fail, then try again. With a wide variety of difficulties and recognisable songs, this game has something for every type of player.

This is a game for everyone, from casual commuters to diehard rhythm game fans. Being a large fan of rhythm games myself, being highly proficient in BanG Dream!, I was inspired to make this game as I felt that it could bring a new experience for players with a unique control scheme whilst still being somewhat familiar to what they may have. The game’s graphics were created in multiple different ways, from vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator, to Raster Illustration in Adobe Photoshop to 3d animation and procedural texturing in Blender.

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