Ashleigh McCarron

Ashleigh McCarron

I decided to sign up for the games design course due to my interest in games, movies and media. Through this course I’ve found a passion for games and an understanding of everything that goes into making them. After this course, I’m going to university to study CGI and Visual Effects.

Champion of Olympus

About my game

For my FMP, I have created some of the graphics for a fantasy RPG set in Ancient Greece. My design focus was female representation where I chose to design a strong female protagonist for my game. I created a small selection of diverse characters which allows the player to then choose what character they want to play as. My designs show the five different appearances of my character as well as five different outfits that the player will get throughout the game. As well as my character design, in order to create a better idea of the game, I created two NPCs and a monster. I created the NPCs Hera and Athena, two Olympian gods, as well creating a Hydra.

Hera is the wife of Zeus and the Queen of Olympus. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown, holding a royal, lotus tipped sceptre. My interpretation of her reflects this depictions. Athena is the Olympian Goddess of Wisdom and War. Her image exudes power and authority and she is often depicted as a tall, slender woman wearing armour and a golden helmet.

A Hydra was a gigantic water-snake-like monster with a varying number of heads, most commonly though with nine heads. It was said that to have poisonous breath and the ability to regrow two heads when one was cut off.

To create my all my artwork I used a pixel art program called Aesprite. I then used programs like ProCreate and Photoshop to edit some of the images and present them.

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