Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton

My name is Chris Hamilton and I have an interest in playing games and making games. I went to Birkdale High School and I chose to study at Southport college as I was interested in the course. I like Southport College as I enjoy the course and I hope to do something with it in the future.

Roger's Tale

About my game

My game is a 2D medieval platform-style game that has a design focus on weaponry. The main inspiration for my game was the medieval era as I found that theme to be quite interesting and I felt it would work with my game. I was mostly interested in the different armour and weapons designs that were around at the time, as I felt that they would make my game look more detailed and interesting.

To create my game, I used Construct 3 to create the code for the game. Also, while creating my code, I made groups in order to organise the code so that it would be easier for me to see what sections needed different lines of code. I have also used Piskel to create the graphics and the animations for my game. I personally find this software the easiest to use when making pixel art graphics, which is why I opted to use it over any other art software.

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