Harry Seddon-Toole

Harry Seddon-Toole

Hello, my name is Harry. One of the hobbies that I have is online gaming, I am also a fan of playing card games from time to time. Before college, I went to Birkdale high school. I chose to come to Southport College as I was interested in the course. After college I hope to pursue a career in game making whether it be independently or as a part of a company.

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About my game

My project is a demo for an arena type game in which one must survive for as long as possible whilst fending off enemies. The game is set in a traditional British pub somewhere between the eras of the 1940’s and the 1960’s. The software that I used to create my game demo is called Construct 3, a 2D game making engine.

One main factor that inspired my games theme was my enjoyment of the old television show, Bullseye, as well as my appreciation of all things British.