Jack Honeyball

Jack Honeyball

My previous school was Birkdale high school. I chose to study in Southport College because of the convenient location, and positive course reviews. What I like about this course is the tasks of making games and learning how the industry works. After college I would like to study further into Games Design and hope to one day become a game designer.

Conjure Knight

About my game

What I have made for my final major project is a top down Adventure Game. I made the game on Construct 3, which is a really good game making engine for 2D games. I also used the software Piskel to make all the assets and animations in my game. My game demo has a design focus on the graphical limitations of the Gameboy Advance, so the game should look like a Gameboy Advance game although, it does not it does not play like it’s on the Gameboy Advance due to the advanced keyboard and mouse controls. The controls for my game use keyboard and mouse because of the mouse aim mechanic in my game, attacking and blocking both use the mouse to do so and the player will have to use these mechanics to get through the level without dying.

I had to use many different techniques in construct 3 to design the enemies and other mechanics in my game, for example: the charging enemy was quite hard to give it animation frames because of its strange code of moving towards the player. In my game as well there is a shop system that lets the player spend their gems, to get health back (they would get gems by killing the enemies or collecting them of the ground). The theme for my game is medieval fantasy, which suits the adventure style of my game, similar to the likes of many other top down adventure games.