Jacob Brown

Jacob Brown

My name is Jacob Brown. I enjoy playing games. I went to Birkdale high school. I chose to study here because of the Generalised game course. I have enjoyed the Generalised game course and the canteen food as it tastes nice. I want to continue learning about the games industry or work in the games industry.


About my game

The game is about the outbreak of a viral mutagen that turns people into zombies, in the work I have produced, you have survived the first few days in your safe house and now the military are here to evacuate civilians. You need to reach the rendezvous at the checkpoint on the bridge.

I was inspired by Dying Light and Left 4 Dead 1+2 as well as a range of other zombie games and films. The linear style of level comes from the World War Z game and Left 4 Dead. I used Unity to make the game as it I wanted to develop my skills further and have the game in 3D.