Josh Charlton

Josh Charlton

I like creating level designs with lots of detail. I have many different hobbies such as making Gundam model kits. I also have an interest in horror games and have created a YT channel dedicated to gameplay videos. I feel creating something with my own hands is easier for myself to express my ideas such as Gundam model kits.

The Curse

About my game

For my final project I decided to make a game level demo of a walking simulator. I wanted to make my game set in ancient Egypt however I felt that an office environment would also be quite good so I merged both ideas together and created a game about a research facility dedicated to ancient Egypt this meant I could make the office environment but also have the ancient Egyptian feel I wanted.

I then decided to make the level have some more personal themes to it so I came up with the sub plot of the game being that all the employees of this research company were becoming mysteriously ill. I used unity for this project and used a multitude of different types of methods when creating my level such as greyboxing the entire level before I add any assets I need. This project was inspired by my love for ancient Egypt as I have been quite interested in this topic for a long time.