Kieran McGovern

Kieran McGovern

Kieran is into Video Games such as Megaman X, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and many more, and is into music. He hopes to be able to make his own game he has been planning since High School and to make it big in the industry. He returned to Southport College after doing a course in Computing and wanted to put his coding skills to something he was more passionate about.

Marina Animations

About my game

The Product is of a character for a fighting game similar to Street Fighter, with Darkstalkers being the main inspiration of monsters fighting monsters. Funnily enough one of the characters, Rikuo, was one of the inspirations for the character, being a merfolk with legs. There were other ideas of monsters to use as the character to animate, but Marina was the one I chose.

Made mostly on the 3DS using Flipnote Studio and then moving over to Photoshop to add colour and to fix anything else. The presentation is on Construct to make it look better than a few GIFs, it may not look like much but the plan was to get very smooth animations with the goal to put in many animation techniques such as smudges and anticipation and exaggeration.

This was created after a unit focusing on the magic of animation and thorough research into the techniques and is a way to show it all off in one great finale. All of the research done in both the last Units and this final one will all be put towards my own game that I am planning on making in the future.

I found this project to be very fun and comparing it to my early projects there is an enormous leap in skill, from animations consisting of 2 frames to three animations looking like they came straight from a fighting game.

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