Lloyd Jones

Lloyd Jones

I’m a student at Southport Collage, who has been studying Games Design at Level 3. I previously went to Christ The King High School and had chosen to study at this College because it was close to me and had the course I wanted. The staff are very friendly and it’s easy to relax. After College, I plan on going to University to continue learning about Games Design.

Lost Whispers

About my game

Using Construct 3, which is a game engine for making 2D games, I attempted to create turn-based combat similar to Pokémon’s combat; but my main inspiration for the FMP was Dragon Quest. The game is based in a world where objects had come to life and taken over the world, getting rid of all humans in an instant; but the main character, even though human, is still alive.

The idea of objects coming to life and changing form, allows me to create unique looking enemies and possible environments. I had written a blog of my progress throughout the project, which has me constantly reflecting on my work and therefore making the improvement of my skills much easier. The whole process was very enjoyable as each step involves lots of decision making and its fun to see myself improve each time I create something.