Luke Matthews

Luke Matthews

My name is Luke, I enjoy listening and playing music along with geeky interests such as fantasy and sci-fi forms of media including games. I chose Southport college as it was a great opportunity to achieve my goal of being a game designer. An aspect I like about the college is the tutors of this course are very interesting and I think I can learn to think critically about design while also appreciating it from them.

Conquerors Pain

About my game

My product is a level design which focuses on my trying to immerse the player into a medieval/fantasy setting while also considering the genre of the game it is being designed for which would be an RPG game. To complete this project I used the game engine Unity, modelling software Maya and also some elements of Photoshop to present my work.

I used my knowledge of the asset store to help obtain features to achieve my goal and also make my game look more professional. Previous knowledge helped me consider ways of getting around areas such as financial consideration as due to my knowledge of the store I was able to obtain exclusively free assets.