Michael Jerome

Michael Jerome

I like to play video games a lot and I like to watch things like Star Wars, Marvel and DC I read comics quite a lot too. I went to Birkdale high school and after I finished I decided to go to Southport college so study Games Design I had to do a level 2 course first so I did Creative Media Level 2 and then moved onto Games Design level 3. After I finish my Games Design course I am thinking of going to university or doing the HND.


About my game

I was inspired by other games I have played and movies I had watched recently before the start of the project. I wanted to make my level in 3D so I used Unity to make it and collected assets from the Unity asset store that I could use to make my product. After collecting everything I needed I just started to make my level when making it I just used the assets I collected and the level design planning I had done to help me create it.

Making it took quite a lot of time because I wanted it to look really good I started on the castle first then after I had made the castle I made the lake and the mountains and then I made a path going around the castle and the level lastly I created the forest because I knew it would take a while.