Morgan Dodsworth

Morgan Dodsworth

My name is Morgan Dodsworth, and I am 17 year old aspiring comic and character artist. I spend my time working on my web-comic and my creative hobbies, such as drawing and playing music. I chose to study at Southport College because of the chance to study and one day work in the games industry, and the amazing resources available from studying on the course. I hope to work on my web-comic, and one day find a way to publish it in animated form.

Owl-Girl: The Game!

About my game

Owl-Girl: The Game! Is a 2D Beat 'Em Up based around the black and white, comic style, created in the Construct 2 Software.

The story follows happy go-lucky "Owl-Girl", a rookie hero who's the only one who hasn't been infected by a new mind-controlling gas that has been set off over the city by the evil villain "Obscure". Play as Owl-Girl and find yourself going through a newly abandoned city, beating up a hive-mind like army, and saving the day from the evil taking over the world. Can you save the world?

This game is controlled by just the Keyboard, please do not use the gamepad.