Rebecca Delahunty

Rebecca Delahunty

My interests are art, movies, shows and games. I also have an interest in animals, learning about and spending time around them. I chose Southport college because its games design course was the course that gave me the most creative freedom with my art. After I finish this course I will be going on to do a dog grooming course.

Life: A New World

About my game

I wanted to design a realistic species that would take over as the dominant species of our planet if humans were to go extinct in the near future. To do this I looked at the most intelligent animals currently living, apart from apes as these are too closely related to humans.

Once I had my species picked out I applied part of human evolution that may affect this species. I had to research why humans went through the changes they did and decide whether or not this new species would need these same changes. To create all the artwork for this project I used procreate on my iPad.