Robin Lloyd

Robin Lloyd

Hello, my name's Robin, and I love creature / character design. This has been an interest since I was young and video games opened a whole world of creativity for me as a kid. I was adamant on becoming a creature designer for games. The course was a great steppingstone and I’ve learnt a huge amount about art and the games industry as a whole.

Character concepts and a static cutscene for a visual novel

About my project

I wanted to make some characters for a sci-fi visual novel in which robots have taken over the majority of the workforce and made humans mostly redundant. This has led to high tensions between humans and machines. Therefore, its common place for children to be raised to hate and destroy robots. This is the situation of the young boy I designed. He often wonders the streets looking for robots to vandalise and destroy, that is, until he meets the humble paramedic robots.

‘Doc-ted’, the teddy bear inspired robot, acts as a paramedic assistant at the scenes of major accidents. His primary function is to protect and help humans. He has also been programmed with a basic level of human emotions to empathise with them better. However, this also means that, unlike other robots, he feels the sadness humans feel when treated unfairly. Regardless of this, he still wants to help. This determination to help humans is what forces his and the boys paths to cross, leading to not only a change of opinion within the boy, but a ripple effect throughout society as a whole.