Ryan Mawdsley

Ryan Mawdsley

Games have always been present in my life and later on as I left my school, Tarleton Academy, I began to wonder how they were made and imagined what sort of possibilities I could achieve if I could make my own games. I like to learn about the theory behind music and I find physics quite interesting too.

Strategy Game Demo

About my game

The product is a small demo that represents what a full game could be built up from with opportunities for much more content to be added like extra gameplay features and mechanics. Artwork that has been animated has been created in Piskel, where you are able to insert and clone multiple frames and edit them to create the illusion of motion.

The pixelated artwork is inspired by some of the earliest games, like PONG, Sonic and Mario, and the low fidelity nature of it makes it the most accessible too. I used Adobe Photoshop as well to create the static assets. The demo was created in Construct 3 which is the game engine which handles everything from the functionality to the graphics of the games made with it. I produced my own music to go in the demo, consisting of two soundtracks – one being three minutes long and the other being eight.

The software I used to create the music in was FL Studio, where I added different layers to the music, mainly featuring a piano as the main instrument and strings as backing. The game in the beginning was just a top down prototype where the level was built up on the screen as a grid where the player could place buildings into that manipulate statistics that the player has to manage like population, food supply, power draw and more. This proved to become a little too complicated for the time available so I changed up the plan a bit by adding in a character that could walk around and basing the game around farming while keeping the grid.

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