Sam Hall

Sam Hall

Hi I’m Sam, I’m interested in video games, movies, TV shows and mountain biking, I went to Formby high school and decided to join Southport colleges Games Design course as I see my future within the games design industry stemming from here. Joining Southport college gives me a good foot in the door for the games design industry. I like studying here as the tutors are really informative and always on hand to help anyway they can with most cases they go the extra mile when helping someone who’s struggling.

Apocalypse: Z

About my game

Many different games and TV shows have inspired me to create the game I have, I’ve taken aspects from different genres of games such as platform, speed run and zombie games and combined them together to create a fun experience for the player.

TV shows such as The Walking Dead have inspired me so much with the whole post-apocalyptic setting of the game so throughout the game you’ll be able to spot references to the show for the eagle eyed players who love to do Easter egg hunts within the games they play.

For creating the game I’ve used software such as Construct 3 which is where the game has been built from the ground up from prototyping all the way to the finished project you’ll see on the page, other pieces of software I’ve used when creating the game is Piskel and Photoshop. Within these software’s that is where I’ve design and created all the artwork in and around the game from sprites to the artwork of the game on my page.

For all the audio assets within the game such as the background music and zombie growl I’ve sourced and edited those assets within audacity which is an audio editing piece if software, with these assets in audacity I’ve changed pitches and lengths of sound effects to create a higher quality of sound effects and music for the game. Overall the product tries to reach out to many different fan bases and fans of genres mashes them together successfully and results in the game I’ve created.

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