Sophie Stewart

Sophie Stewart

After leaving high school, I wanted to move on to do something a bit different instead of A-Levels. The courses offered at Southport College are all unique, however the Games Design course stood out to me the most because I love to play games and being able to learn how to make them sounded interesting to me.

Character Designs for a JRPG

About my project

These character designs are for a fantasy Japanese Roleplaying Game, mainly inspired by the Fire Emblem series.

The game is set on a continent that has long been under tensions and conflict due to differing beliefs on how their continent should be ruled. Many are pious towards the goddess; an almighty being who is said to have created the continent herself. Others believe in one or more of the so called ‘blessed five’, a group of individuals who were gifted power by the goddess in ancient times. Leaving others to not believe in any of what they revere as ‘nonsense’ and they live quite secluded from the other nations.

The story follows two sides to a similar story of wanting to change the continent for the better. First up to the task is Khaled and Althea; two rulers of the Kingdom who wish to use their positions to unite the whole continent and encourage people to accept their differences. They are joined by nun Maria who works close alongside them as she also wishes for peace.

Eventually opposing them is Ezekiel; a young man possessed by an unknown entity who wishes to stop the rule of religious organizations and pious lords who worship beings who have long since passed and wants the continent to rely on the power of others and not discriminate against each other for who they are. Ezekiel is joined by his close friends Azazel, a dark mage, and Arabella, a songstress, as well as a witch named Octavia.

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