Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

Hello, I am a big game nerd. Mostly Nintendo games but I enjoy other companies. My favourite genre is probably the 3d platformer. I chose to come to Southport because I loved a taster day I had back in 2019. I don’t regret my decision. I have met some incredible people and learnt so much.


About my game

For my FMP, I made a sample discussion from a visual novel. Over the recent lockdowns I had feel in love with many visual novels such as Danganronpa and Doki Doki Literature Club. The way they execute tier story is almost perfection (to me at least). So, I wanted to create my own and use them as a basis. I used my own struggles and anxieties as my design focus.

This is what I wanted to show to the player and to let them know that anxiety shouldn’t control their lives. Inside out was also an inspiration, due to the representation of emotions. To make the game I used construct 3, it was an easy job because of proof of concept my tutor made for me. However, most of my practical time was spent on graphics. I used rotoscoping to make my characters. I gathered two teddy bears and took pictures of them. I then traced over them and added details that suited the characters, such as red button eyes. I was very happy with how this project turned out and I was happy others did to in the feedback I was given throughout the project.