Tonya Liubshina

Tonya Liubshina

I’ve always been interested in art, and been drawing ever since I can remember. I went to CTK and took Art as a GCSE, after that I spent 2 years on the Games Design course at Southport College. I really like Anime and draw a lot of my inspiration from it. I’m really into alternative music and fashion, specifically goth, which is another source of my inspiration.

Magical Girl Massacre

About my project

I decided to focus on Art, specifically production art and 3D models. Another focus for this project is diversity and inclusivity.

I was inspired by shows like Madoka Magica, Wonder Egg Priority and others. These shows have a cute art style with female main characters but as the show goes on, it reveals a dark plot twist. I used Photoshop and Paint tool SAI as well as traditional pencil and paper for any 2D artwork I made. I created the characters in VRoid studio and their weapons in Maya and Mudbox.

These characters would be used in an RPG game in the fantasy and horror genre.

Brief Synopsis of the Game Story: A high school girl struggles with mental illnesses and often has psychotic episodes, one day she has one that almost leads her to take her own life.

A mysterious animal appears in her dream and offers her to become a magical girl and solve all her problems, she accepts the offer. She meets two girls with the same fate, they become very good friends and fight shadow monsters together.

The girls later find out that those creatures are actually people and were originally created by the magic animal to be protectors of humanity but it went wrong. The girls find out that their power is slowly corrupting them.

The main character gets infected by one of the creatures and ends up murdering all other creatures as well as her friends and the magic animal that gave them powers thus preventing anymore creatures and magical girls to be created.

View: Magical Girl Massacre Animations

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