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The courses can be used to help you get back into work, develop in your current job, or even progress onto our full and part-time study programmes.

How it works

Apply online and once enrolled, you will receive a login to the online assessment portal, giving you access to all the information you need to study. You will produce a portfolio of written assessments, which we will assess and feedback, all within the portal.
Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of your nationally recognised qualification.

Please note: Our free online courses will be available to apply for soon. We are currently working hard, behind the scenes setting them up and they'll be available to start soon. Please register your interest using the button below and we'll send you an email as soon as they are available.

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Level 1 Courses

Up to 10 hours of independent learning.

  • Level 1

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Level 2 Courses

Up to 50 hours of independent learning.

  • Level 2

    This qualification provides you with the knowledge that is required to work in a range of environments in a business administration role. You will know how to carry out administrative tasks such as managing information and supporting events and will be able to apply your knowledge in a variety of industries and job roles.

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  • Level 2

    The purpose of this qualification is to increase the learner’s knowledge and awareness of the Prevent Duty and safeguarding, including online safety.

    By completing the qualification, learners will develop knowledge of safeguarding in an environment where they have a duty of care.

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  • Level 2 Certificate

    This courses is aimed at developing an understanding of autism and the principles of supporting individuals with autism - covering the person-centred approach and influence of positive communication methods, how to support positive behaviour, and how individuals with autism can be supported to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

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  • Level 2

    The purpose of this qualification is to increase your knowledge and awareness of children and young people's mental health. By completing the qualification, you will develop knowledge of:
    • Children and young people’s mental health in context
    • Mental health problems commonly associated with children and young people
    • The impact of mental ill-health on children and young people
    • Support available to maintain mental wellbeing in children and young people.

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  • Level 2 Certificate

    The purpose of this qualification is to give learners the skills to support colleagues with mental health problems. These skills will be gained by increasing the learner’s knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions and the principles of mental health first aid and how this can be implemented in the workplace.

    This qualification aims to:
    • Focus on the study of mental health first aid and mental health advocacy in the workplace
    • Offer breadth and depth of study of mental health first aid.

    The objectives of this qualification are to:
    • Introduce and explore different types of mental ill health, and factors that may increase the risk of mental ill health in individuals.
    • Understand how to support individuals with mental ill health within boundaries of own role
    • Explore how to create a mentally healthy environment for individuals in a variety of settings.

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Level 3 Courses

Up to 100 hours of independent learning.

  • Level 3 Diploma

This qualification has been designed for individuals who have leadership and management responsibilities. The qualification supports practising team leaders who wish to progress to the next level of management as well as managers who need to lead people though organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

This qualification is suitable if you are aged at least 16 years and are currently working or interested in a career in Leadership and/or Management.

There are no prior qualification entry requirements to study this qualification although ideally you will be working within an organisation where you are able to gain the knowledge and experience that will enable you to complete the qualification. You may also use previous experience of either working in an organisation or one that you are familiar with.

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  • Level 3 Certificate

    The objectives of this qualification are to gain knowledge and understanding of autism, including:
    • How to adopt a positive approach to supporting individuals with autism
    • The current legislative framework relating to individuals with autism and how different theories have developed over time
    • How to support and manage transitions for individuals with autism
    • The range of therapeutic interventions and support available for individuals with autism and co-occurring conditions
    • How to support communication and social interaction for individuals with autism
    • How to develop an understanding of how individuals with autism may be vulnerable and the support worker’s role and responsibilities relating to safeguarding according to legislative requirements.

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  • Level 3 Certificate

    This qualification will:
    • Focus on the study of mental health and mental well-being to support different occupational areas
    • Offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a key core of knowledge and understanding.

    The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to understand:
    • Mental health legislation, services and public attitudes and how these have evolved
    • How to support mental well-being through various stages of life
    • Mental ill health, treatment options available and the potential consequences of mental ill health
    • The skills required to work in a mental health service.

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Lydia Haram, Awareness of Mental Health Problems
Lydia Haram, Awareness of Mental Health Problems

Studying this course really opened my eyes to some key issues surrounding mental health. Becoming aware of causes has allowed me to better understand and empathise with the young people that I work with on a daily basis. It has helped me to become even better at my job, enriched my work experience and helped me to support young people during difficult times.

Gary Dicker, Team Leadership
Gary Dicker, Team Leadership

Having been in my job for several years, I’d gained lots of experience, but wanted to improve my prospects of climbing the career ladder. The natural progression would be into managerial roles and this course is brilliant for teaching you some very important principles and things to consider. The course fitted in easily around my job, taking only a few hours a week as and when I chose.

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses are open to everyone and requires access to the internet.
We recommend that you have access to a computer or laptop to complete the assessments. No prior experience our qualifications are necessary, however suitability will be discussed once you have applied.

Yes; the courses are free based on successful completion.
*A charge of £100 will be made for non-completion or withdrawal from the course where submission of work has been made. Terms and conditions apply.

The time it takes varies between the different courses.
The courses can be completed during your own time, at your own preferred pace.
As a rough guide; for Level 1, we recommend that you aim to spend at least an hour per week, over a 10 week period.

Level 2 courses can take up to 50 hours to complete, so we recommend spending just over 4 hours a week over 12 weeks.

Our Level 3 Certificates and Diplomas require more investment of time and can take up to 100 hours to complete.

Upon application, timescales can be discussed in greater detail.

Apply online: Complete our online application form and a member of our team will be in touch to organise a short course discussion to make sure it's right for you. We will answer all your questions and explain the terms and conditions.

Following the discussion you will be invited to complete an enrolment form to commit to the course and then you are ready to go.

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