Big Book Giveaway on World Book Day

For World Book Day, Bob Stone from Write Blend Books generously donated boxes full of books for our Big Book Giveaway Event (how many times can you say book in a sentence?!).

English tutors in World Book Day spirits

Organised by Rachel Hampson, Donna Gowland and the English team, the aim of this event was to start conversations about fiction and to help our students foster a love of reading. We had donations of many books from students and staff but by far, the most were from Write Blend, an independent bookshop and coffee room, on South Road in Waterloo.

Bob Stone, Director of Write Books said “Over the years of running Write Blend, we had gained a little bit of surplus stock, so what better way to celebrate World Book Day than give books away for such a worthy cause. I believe they will go to good homes, inspire more young people to read, and put books in the hands of those who may not have the means to get hold of good fiction titles. I’m really pleased to hear how successful it went and hope they enjoy every page.”

The majority were young adult, teen and classic books up for grabs and the students were more than enthusiastic in taking a free copy! English teacher Donna Gowland said there was “a fantastic response to the Free Books stall at lunchtime, I wish to thank everyone involved for their donations and support”.

An extra special thanks goes to Bob Stone, make sure when passing through Waterloo that you pop into Write Blend, browse his fantastic collection of books and sample a cup of their own blend of coffee whilst having a read.

Write Blend Books

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