Hair and Beauty students demonstrate skills in bridal competition

Last week our Hair & Beauty Level 2 and 3 students got the chance to compete against each other in our annual competition. Students competed in areas such as hairdressing, makeup and nails. The theme for this year was ‘Brides of the World’ meaning the students could put their own spin on their creat...

. During this term, the students were tasked with finding inspiration and choosing a culture to base their project on. The finished products ranged from Scottish gingham nails to hair draped with bright Indian scarves.

Competitors were given strict deadlines of one or two hours to complete their tasks, but this did not seem to faze them. The smell of hairspray and nail polish hung in the air and you could feel the intense focus of the competitors. Each category had three ranked places. All of the work produced was fantastic and no matter the result, the competition acted as an essential lesson to improve the student’s skills and show them the value of innovation and being able to work under pressure.

Well done to everyone who took part!

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