Students on top-secret project with Southport Pleasureland

Southport Pleasureland boss Norman Wallis invited a task force of Art and Graphic design students from Southport College behind the scenes of his amusement park. He has asked them to get involved in a top-secret project.

Students were shown around the offices and workshops where all the creativity, planning and manufacturing happens for the aesthetics of the park. Mr Wallis spoke about how much of a calling there is for creative jobs in Southport. He described himself as an imaginator who facilitates taking a concept illustration through to production, continually making Pleasureland look amazing.

Speaking passionately, he explained, “There’s often a misconception that we only employ ride operators, but there’s so much more to us than that. Here we are like an entire village filled with skilled workers such as engineers, fabricators, electricians, painters and carpenters. They use artists’ illustrations to manufacture the amazing scenes you see all around Pleasureland. We have employed freelance creative designers for years to keep our park looking new and exciting. I’m sure this project is a great example to students studying art and graphic design, highlighting that there is work right here in Southport in their industry.”

Whilst we can’t divulge on the project the students have been given, we can say that this is an amazing opportunity to see their concept art turned into tangible pieces in the heart of one of Southport’s biggest tourist attractions. We are really looking forward to seeing the end results.

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