Southport College partners with Liverpool Women's to support individuals to gain employment

Over the course of ten weeks Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust has worked with Southport College to deliver a pre-employment programme, supporting 13 individuals to gain skills, experience and confidence to secure employment.

The pre-employment programme focused on supporting people of all ag...

for one reason or another have found it difficult to secure employment and have expressed an interest in working in healthcare. The ten week programme seen 13 individuals work across Liverpool Women’s Hospital supporting a number of teams in different roles and departments.

A celebration event was held for the participants to bring the programme to a close and congratulate all who took part. Certificates were presented by Robert Clarke, Chair and Michelle Turner, Director of Workforce and Marketing at Liverpool Women’s and John Clarke, Principal at Southport College.

Robert Clarke, Chair at Liverpool Women’s said “I am proud our people here at Liverpool Women’s recognise the importance of growing talent and offering opportunity, allowing people to have the chance to step back into work. Thank you to all the placement areas for kindly giving your time and also to all the participants for engaging with the programme.”

In total 13 participants took part in the programme, one individual has successfully been interviewed during the ten weeks and has been recruited to a post at Liverpool Women’s. Two have been interviewed and got 12 month fixed term contracts and five participants have been recruited to the bank with shifts offered to them.

Leanne Gould, a participant in the programme who has now secured a permanent post within the Trust’s HR department said “without the support and guidance from Anne Bridson who has helped set up the programme it wouldn’t have made it a success, I am truly thankful for the opportunity and experience.”

Individuals were recruited via the Job Centre and received two weeks academic teaching from Southport College before spending eight weeks at Liverpool Women’s in clinical and corporate departments.

Southport College was the academic partner in the programme with Health Education England providing the funding and advisory support.

John Clarke, Principal of Southport College said “it was a pleasure to work with Liverpool Women’s on this project, the programme was built on Trust and working together to meet the main objective whilst supporting the participants – well done to all.”

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