Crochet for Beginners

Our community Crochet for Beginners courses have been very popular this year. We’ve run 3 courses throughout the year with great student numbers.

The courses are designed to introduce learners to crochet, or to develop existing skills. They also spend time getting to know how to use patterns and understanding the pros and cons of different yarn.

Most of the learners come back for a second and even third time. They explore basic crochet to make simple beanie hats right through to fairly complicated grannie squares and African flower squares, using a number of stitches and techniques. Some students progress onto making blankets using a variety of styles and stitches.

We have had such lovely cohorts of students, with everyone becoming part of a small Tuesday night club, that was not only supportive and encouraging, but also huge fun. We are hoping to run the courses again next year as the popularity appears to be increasing!

Some of the learners’ creations include beanie hats and snoods, grannie square bags and blankets, Worry Worms for primary school children, and an octopus for premature babies to grab onto.

To find out when our next Crochet courses run click here!

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