Merseyside Fire and Rescue Visit

A big thank you to Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service for visiting our Childcare department, along with their fire engine on 26 November 2020.

As a very important part of our Level 2 Childcare course, we explore the health and safety of children in nurseries, schools and other caring environments. We like to make sure our students can identify potential hazards such as fire risks, as well as knowing how to manage those risks and record accidents, incidents and emergencies if they were ever to happen.

Our students have worked hard, collectively producing a fantastic fire safety display, which not only shows what they have been learning about fire hazards, but how this information can be passed onto children in a way they would be able to understand. To enrich this knowledge and to enhance their learning experience, our tutors got in touch with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service who very kindly offered to bring along one of their fire engines to College and give our students a talk.

Sparking discussion and knowledge sharing, our students really engaged with the firefighters from Southport Community Fire Station, learning that it’s not all about tackling fires head on but prevention is one of the best methods of firefighting. As well as discussing all sorts of prevention techniques and legislation, the students also got a full demonstration of the fire engine, outside College, including all the technology and equipment on board. They got to see the apparatus worn when entering a burning building, including the respirators and fire-proof uniforms worn by the firefighters.

Our Childcare tutor Tina expressed how important these visits are to our students, saying “We are very fortunate to have had this visit. Not only does it underpin the knowledge we deliver as tutors, but really inspires our students who will remember this for a very long time. Such an engaging visit truly reinforces the importance of health and safety in all early years environments and they will be able to take that into their future careers.”

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